To Know Thyself, Know the World

A very common problem that writers of all types run into at some point is writer’s block. It’s so common that even people who have never written anything outside of a school assignment is aware of the term and the meaning.

That’s because it’s very true.

Who Suffers from It?

Writer’s block is common to all people of all races and cultures all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you write fiction, non-fiction, long novels, or short articles, it can strike anyone at anytime.

There are of course many assumed and theoretical reasons for why this type of inability to do one’s job occurs, but there’s no true definitive answer. I have my own personal view as to the cause of this very frustrating acute disorder.

The Big Why

Writing, truly beautiful and unabashed writing comes not from a sense of duty or the need to fill a certain quota, but from the innermost part on yourself, which some people may call the soul.

This part of you, this soul, cannot be bought and paid for. At least it can’t in an artistic sense.

Sure, people can be bought to the extent of doing something they feel is wrong or against their moral beliefs. But, they cannot produce truly important and beautiful art under a certain diatribe that they do not buy into.

So, that leads us to the why – the reason I feel people run into the wall known as writer’s block.

The real reason is that they don’t feel any real emotional connection to what they are trying to write. That, or they do have a connection and it is contrary to what they feel they are being led to write by those paying them to do so.

Some people may be able to put out content this way for a certain amount of time, and it may even be passable to your average reader. However, a literary professional will quickly be able to tell that the work does not pass the small test. That is, they will see right through the purpose of the piece and be able to tell it’s not what the writer truly believes.

This type of writing is only possible for so long though. Eventually the author’s ability to fool him or herself will run its course, and run right into the wall of no more words.

The Solution

There is only one way to either avoid this wall or to break through it in my opinion. That is to write only what you truly believe, deep down in your soul.

But, what if you have already hit the wall? How can you break through?

You must get back to your core beliefs. You must find out who you are, even if you have been lying to yourself – especially if you have been lying to yourself.

You must learn about the world as a whole and not only about what inertia subjects you to. If you write fiction, learn about business. If you are a business writer, learn about art.

If you have never left your hometown, visit another country. If you are a jetsetter, learn more about your community instead of booking another trip.

Get outside of the life you have acquiesced, as it’s most likely the root of your problems. You must break the cycle.

To be a better writer, you must explore. We can do it together.