A Moral Life

Not one person on this planet lives the same life as another. We can’t choose when we are born. We cannot choose where we are born.

 We don’t get to decide how much money or influence our family has as children.

 In a way, we are all dealt out own separate cards.

 However, no matter what life has dealt you, you do get to choose how you use those cards meaning, you can choose to live any way you see fit. 

3 Ways to Live a Good Life

 You may not be rich, and you may not be powerful, but you can make choices to live a life that adds to this world instead of one that causes harm and suffering. Here are three examples.

 Ride a Bike

 It’s no secret that cars are major pollutants. Even with emissions regulations that have tightened over the last decade, they still dump an unimaginable amount of fumes into the air we breathe.

 Then, take a look at the oil economy. How many wars have been waged over petroleum?

 While it may not be possible to completely eliminate cars from you life, you can try and limit their usage. When possible, ride a bike or walk. If you can’t do that then take a bus.

 And, if you are lucky enough to have some money in your bank account, opt for a Tesla instead of a gasoline-powered automobile.

 Live Like a Vegan

 Vegans life a type of lifestyle that is based on doing whatever they can to live well without increasing the suffering of others. They follow a cruelty free mantra.

 You don’t have to go full vegan to live a life that tries to limit the suffering your choices have one others.

For instance, limiting the amount of meat you consume limits the amount of animals raised for slaughter. You can also limit animal suffering by choosing different products than you normally would.



Some companies actually produce products you use everyday that you might not even know contain animal products. Instead of supporting them, spend your money on vegan friendly shampoos or vegan clothing

You don’t have to go 100%. Every little bit helps.


This might be the easiest thing you can do to make the world a better place for us all. Instead of focusing on what you want to say, focus on what your family and friends and saying.

In a world obsessed with “Look at me!” social media platforms like Instagram, stop worrying about what you want to say next when engaged in a conversation, in person or virtual.

Use your energy to listen to what others have to say. But, really listen. Don’t interject or give your opinion or share a related story. Just listen and take everything in. It’s a rare event in modern times.


No matter where you come from, what you come from, or your upbringing, life gives you choices. How you choose it up to you. You can spend your life trying to advance through false social constructs at the behest of others, or you can try and live a good and moral life.

What path will you choose?