About Alexis

Born in the Projects in Watts a few years before the Riots, Alexis Brooks de Vita lived in Uganda under Idi Amin Dada and was sent to school in Switzerland to escape his coup, travelling through France, Italy, Hungary, and Russia while it was still the Soviet Union.  Her two daughters and two sons have also traveled through North America, Europe, Uganda, India, and the Middle East. 

Her degrees are in the Comparative Literature of women of African descent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. 

She is the author of -

  • Mythatypes:  Signatures and Signs of African/Diaspora and Black Goddesses
  • The 1855 Murder Case of Missouri versus Celia
  • An Enslaved Woman:  An Exercise in Historical Imagination
  • Dante's Inferno: A Wanderer In Hell
  • the Book of Joy Trilogy:  Burning Streams, Blood of Angels and Chain Dance, and, most recently, Left Hand of the Moon

With Lee Barwood, she is contributing editor of the short story anthologies Love and Darker Passions and the upcoming Tales in Firelight and Shadow.