A Look at Choosing a Shipping Option that Suits Your Business

In the world of shipping, nobody does it better than F&C, worldwide cargo delivery experts with networks stretching around the world, including air and sea shipping from China and beyond.

In an attempt to explain the importance of shipping to your business, we have used F&C, which we have used for our various businesses over the years, as the example case for the points we make in this informative little article.

With Freight & Cargo, as with most shipping companies, the first thing they will need to know about your business is how much volume do you plan on shipping and from where to where.

Other details like the shape, industry, destination, etc come after you first explain your volume. When you operate and work with cargo planes and giant cargo mega-ships, volume is critical.

Try to get a solid grip on the type of volume you'll be looking to ship, not just this year but next year, 5 years from now and even 10 years from now to get a more accurate appraisal.

Type of Goods perishable, size, weight

The next most important factor when determining what it cost to ship something from China to the United States for example, after volume, is the type of goods you are shipping, the size of the containers, and the weight of the products.

The type of goods that you are shipping is important because that will dictate whether you can ship by air or sea. Some goods, like very high end electronics for example, can only be shipped via air as the humidity and temperature changes common with shipping containers via ocean can devastate sensitive electronic components.

 The size of your goods is important, not in terms of fitting on the plane or ship, but in terms of what size of cargo container you will use. Nobody ships open pallets or custom packaging anymore, at least not for an affordable price. Today it's all about what size container you use.

With the type of good and size determined, the last most important factor in determining shipping cost is the weight. For ships this isn't quite as important but if you want to deliver via express courier which uses airplanes for example, then this becomes very important.

Needs of Customers

At the end of the day, with all the details, logistics and shipping companies will give you estimates, but to determine if you should offer express, standard, air freight or sea freight comes down to not just price but also the needs of your customers.

Are consumers in your industry patient and "OK" waiting a couple weeks for their goods to arrive? Conversely, do you operate in an industry where "time is of the essence" and buyers want their goods delivered as soon as possible?

Doing a market survey, listening to customer feedback, and thinking about the future of your product lines will help you in determining how best to get them from point A to point B in a safe, efficient and timely manner.